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Growth Trends Asset Quality
- Membership growth
- Loan growth
- Share growth
- Delinquency ratio
- First mtg. delinquency
- Other RE delinquency
- Auto delinquency
- Credit card delinquency
- Annual net charge-offs
Business Model Productivity & Member Relationships
- Loans/shares
- Interest income/average assets
- Net interest margin
- Non-interest income/average assets
- Operating expenses/average assets
- Prov. for loan loss/average assets
- Return on assets
- Earnings model
- Net worth ratio
- RBC ratio
- Members per employee (FTE)
- Assets per employee (FTE)
- Loan originations per employee (FTE)
- Income per employee (FTE)
- $ Revenue per $ salary & benefits
- Share draft penetration
- Auto penetration
- Credit card penetration
- Yield of loans
- Yield on investments
- Average loan balance
- Average share balance