Learn More About Callahan's New Credit Union Impact Study

In 2020, Callahan & Associates launched its Impact Network designed to empower credit unions to better articulate their value through a mission-focused lens with the help of new metrics and best practices. A component of this network is to identify, define, and measure impact through new data
sources. To move this forward we’re using a data impact survey.

Our data impact survey is a collection of yes/no and quantitative questions that look into the impact your credit union has on employees, members, the community, and the environment. Think of it as a new way to measure your credit union performance differently.

All participants will receive a scorecard of aggregated data among peers (once enough data has been received) and Peer-to-Peer users will be able to conduct their own benchmarking using the data of all participating credit unions via the software.

This is an evolving data set. If you are already tracking other metrics, to define your credit union’s impact, that aren’t listed on our survey please let us know.

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If you provide your data, you'll get access to:
  • A scorecard of aggregated data among Peers.
  • Access to our Impact Data report.

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