Credit unions are losing their edge as competition for engagement heightens.
Engaged members are 5.4x more likely to be loyal and stay with their credit union.

Serving and engaging members is a credit union's fundamental reason for existing – it’s core to the credit union mission. Gallup research shows that engaged members are 39% more likely to sign up for new services, 49% more likely to increase balances, and 32% more likely to seek out their credit union for financial advice.

Nothing predicts engagement more than members feeling like their credit union looks out for their financial wellbeing. But less than half of credit union members feel this way.

Because of this, Callahan & Associates and Gallup are teaming up to help credit unions better serve members through a new, 5-year program focusing on member engagement and financial wellbeing.

Interested in learning more about how this innovative program will drive member engagement and differentiate your credit union? We are currently filling our next cohort (limited spaces available). Request more information today.
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What We Bring To The Table
35 + years of helping credit unions thrive — through extensive best practice work and collaboration facilitation. 
Unparalleled expertise in the use of analytics and change methodology to solve complex problems.
From Our Pilot Participants

Our members literally told us what to do and where to invest. The repeating structure of the program allows us to see if the investment is delivering the results we desired and, if not, where to adjust.”

David Snodgrass (CEO, Lake Trust)

“Leveraging Gallup’s expertise across the group of participating credit unions is accelerating every credit union’s progress.”

Erin Mendez (CEO, Patelco)
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