Leading With Purpose

When your employees understand and embrace your organization's purpose they are:
  • Inspired to do great work. 
  • Committed to delivering on your company's promise. 
As an industry, we dedicate ourselves to helping the lives of our members — and most credit unions would say they are purpose-driven organizations. But many credit unions today lead with their outcomes  fees, rates, and convenience — versus how they are going to impact the lives of their members.

To truly make an impact and differentiate yourself from your competitors every decision that you make needs to support your purpose. Purpose needs to live in every. single. employee. 

Sustainable Business Strategy With Rebecca Henderson 
Offered in collaboration with Harvard Business School Online

Sustainable Business Strategy with Rebecca Henderson helps credit union leaders think about "what sustainability means for the credit union industry", as well as how to rethink their roles and responsibilities to members, employees, communities, the environment  today, tomorrow, and into the future.

This three-module, high-impact course incorporates short video lectures, case studies modeled after the Harvard Business School case methods, and active learning experiences.

The modules are completed over six weeks and encompass both individual and team-based learning activities. Your learning concludes with a virtual Capstone discussion to put learnings into motion and a two-day in-person Purpose Symposium to build a network of purpose-focused peers and create actionable takeaways. 

Each module includes interactive videos, thought provoking questions, and case studies from companies that are driving business outcomes by leading with their purpose.

ampersand.jpg  ORIENTATION: 
Welcome & Introduction - Introduction to the course platform, curriculum, and participant expectation.

ampersand.jpg  MODULE 1:
Business Case For Change - Analyze industry disruptions and business uncertainties as well as building a case for business models that create shared value. This module features case studies from Unilever, Walmart, and Transatomic Power.

ampersand.jpg  MODULE 2:
Driving Change At Scale - Understand what purpose driven firms are doing and why they are successful. This module features case studies from Walmart, Unilever, King Arthur Flour, and Public Good Simulation Game.

ampersand.jpg  MODULE 3:
Purpose-Driven Systemic Change - Evaluate the role of governments and other institution in large-scale change and start to talk about personal plans YOU can take. This module features case studies from Norsk Gjenvinning, Calvert, and Walmart.

ampersand.jpg  VIRTUAL CAPSTONE:
Put The Course Learnings In Motion. Bring the course learnings together and work with your cohort to explore  key takeaways  you can adopt to move your institution and the industry forward.

ampersand.jpg  2-DAY PURPOSE SYMPOSIUM:
Grow your network of purpose-focused professionals and create actionable takeaways for your credit union and the industry. This is an in-person event scheduled for November 5-6 in Boston, MA.

The curriculum and learning experience presented in Sustainable Business Strategy With Rebecca Henderson helps credit union influencers learn to lead with purpose and re-think their roles and responsibilities to:

  • Their Members
  • Their Employees
  • The Communities They Serve
  • The Environment

This transformational learning experience will help credit unions service key stakeholders today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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Three online, self-paced  learning modules with provocative and engaging content paired with thought-provoking questions.

Three interactive, web-hosted huddles designed to put the module content into context for credit unions.

One in-person capstone discussion with all cohort participants to put course learnings in motion. 

This course will run approximately six-weeks and is a mix of self-paced learning and group collaboration. The time commitment is approximately two hours of online learning and group discussions per week plus two days out of the office for the annual Purpose Symposium, scheduled for November 5-6 in Boston, MA.
Professor Henderson's research teaches us that it is possible to DO WELL while DOING GOOD and shows that companies that lead with purpose:

  • Out-perform the market.
  • Have an easier time attracting and engaging employees.
  • Are changing the way businesses think about their roles in communities and society. 

One in-person Purpose Symposium to build a network of purpose-focused professionals and create actionable takeaways.