Analyze HMDA Data With Ease
Using Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data, MortgageAnalyzer allows you to paint a complete picture of the mortgage trends and productions in your market. Identify market leaders and analyze your credit union's position against credit unions, banks, mortgage CUSOs, and other mortgage lenders.

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There are more than 15 million data points made public every year in the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data file. Our analysts and developers carefully scrub the data and puts it in an easy- to- use program, MortgageAnalyzer, making the data accurate and easy to use. 

We know there are many sources of mortgage data floating around that will give you some local mortgage market intelligence at a faster rate that the HMDA data files. But, credit unions still rely on HMDA data, in MortgageAnalyzer, to:

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Analyze an institution - Our software lets you quickly see how your credit union is performing compared to other mortgage lenders in your market(s)

Conduct market analysis - Use MortgageAnalyzer to get high-level overviews of entire states, counties, and metro areas based on the most recent HMDA data

Answer tough questions - Am I growing mortgage loans at the same rate as my peers? Who has the best acceptance to funding rate?

Discover who your primary competitors are when it comes to mortgage lending