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How To Manage Organizational Change

 Rapidly evolving technology. Cryptocurrency. COVID-19. The explosion of work-from-home staffing. Inflation. Recession. The Great Resignation. The past couple of years have provided multiple sources of external pressures to which credit unions and businesses in general have had to adapt. From transforming cultures to revolutionizing technology strategies or internal processes, change management has become a major area of focus for cooperative leaders.

During this webinar, Danny Hurt, vice president of learning & development, and Krista Thompson, vice president enterprise transformation, at TDECU ($4.7B, Lake Jackson, TX) will share how the cooperative’s Change Enablement Strategy is managed.

Webinar attendees will learn:

•  Why having an executive sponsor and aligning with core values is important in driving individual adoption
• How the credit union's project management, marketing, and other teams collaborate to support change
• Which methodology TDECU has chosen to use and how focusing on awareness and simplicity pays off
• What positive results the credit union has seen to date in its change enablement efforts

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Wednesday, February 22 | 2:00 PM ET 

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