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Simplifying the Onboarding Process: How Your Credit Union Can Level Up!

For the third straight year, Cornerstone Advisors ranked digital account opening as the #1 top technology in banking.

Credit unions that master the process of opening digital accounts will achieve big success. However, abandonment rates remain over 50% -- why?

Having a simplified and efficient member onboarding process is essential for credit unions in the modern age. The mobile experience is everything for Gen Xers and Millennials, and so many credit unions are failing to reach the standards these key generations set.

NCR Terafina hosted a webinar last month highlighting the trends in member onboarding, tips for successful implementation, and how a broad spectrum of product offerings can help strengthen your member relationships.

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This event is an extremely helpful resource for credit unions looking to enhance their digital offerings.

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Speaker Information: Mirella Reznic, Chief Strategy Officer, Valley Strong Credit Union, Steve Roach, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Valley Strong Credit Union, Micaela Venegas: Director of Digital Solutions, Valley Strong Credit Union

Moderator: Kranthi Palreddy Syphax, Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development, NCR Terafina