Leading With Purpose is centered around Sustainable Business Strategy, a virtual learning experience offered in collaboration with Harvard Business School Online. Together, we help credit union decision-makers learn new contexts and mindsets for being truly purpose-driven and values-based.

Join the hundreds of credit union leaders who have completed this course about how putting purpose first is a strategy-altering lens to aid in making unprecedented decisions that impact their employees, members, and communities.

Many credit unions today lead with generic attributes — fees, rates, and convenience — versus how they are going to impact the lives of their members. Professor Henderson’s research proves it’s possible to do well while doing good and outperform the market, attract and retain top talent, and improve the impact an organization has in the communities they serve.

This winter, we are offering two different track options, with varying days of the week and times of day to help fit in with your busy schedule.

Below are some key dates to remember.

Track 1: Meeting on Tuesdays:

Last Day To Register: April 17, 2024
Welcome Meeting And Course Opens: April 30th
Huddle One: May 14th
Huddle Two: June 4th
Huddle Three: June 18th
Course Capstone: July 9th

Track 2: Meeting on Wednesdays:

Last Day To Register:  April 17, 2024
Welcome Meeting And Course Opens: May 1st
Huddle One: May 15th
Huddle Two: June 5th
Huddle Three: June 19th
Course Capstone: July 10th

Please choose your preferred track and we will do our best to accommodate your choice. 

To register, click here

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