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Strategy never stops. Although credit union leaders are tasked with making immediate, important judgment calls every day, the pandemic has brought into a focus an equally important question that can’t be overlooked:

What comes next?

We believe in the power of strategic discussion. As we all settle into “the new normal” and ask “what’s next?” we can’t let those conversations fall to the side.

Our team is adjusting to the current environment, too, and are taking our years of in-person planning engagements and pairing it with our virtual event production to help credit unions effectively discuss their strategies, visions, and goals virtually.

Whether fine-tuning an existing plan or creating a new approach, Callahan consultants guide your organization through all the necessary steps to create an actionable and effective strategic plan.

Partner With Callahan For A VIRTUAL Strategic Engagement

Callahan & Associates helps credit union industry leaders identify growth opportunities that increase member value by creating meaningful dialogue across teams, providing strategic counsel, and preparing for current and future disruptions.

Our suite of consulting services empower your management team to continuously communicate, plan, and stay strategically aligned through the entire calendar year.

An outside perspective can help your leadership team move above the day-to-day requirements to focus on the long-term strategic elements that will deliver impactful results.

We offer a few different types of virtual engagements, depending on the type of conversation you're looking to have:
  • Virtual Strategic Briefs: 1-2 hours for your board or leadership team
  • Virtual Strategic Workshops: 4-5 hours on a specific topic for your leadership team
  • Virtual Strategic Planning: 1-2 days (broken into 2 hour blocks) for your board and leadership team

Let’s start the conversation. Fill out the form on this page to speak to a member of our Advisory Services team to discuss how a virtual session is conducted and how it might work for your team and board.

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