Thinking About A Merger?

The Merger Functionality In Peer-to-Peer Ensures You Find The Right Fit

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View Side-By-Side Merger Performance
Our pre-built merger packet places your credit union's performance side-by-side with potential merger partners in just a few clicks. With a glance, you see key similarities and differences between your credit union and the potential merger candidate. Whether you want to know how well your lending portfolios align or if your member bases are similar, the merger packet and scorecard makes it easy to investigate.
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Create A Sample Merger
What better way to find out if a merger is worth pursuing than by projecting how it will impact performance before it happens? In Peer-to-Peer, you're able to combine your institution with another to see the resulting gains (or losses) in performance. Compare the newly merged institution to relevant peer groups to see whether the merger will have a positive or negative impact on your credit union's performance.
Find The Best Technology Fit
Technology considerations are a big part of any merger. Peer-to-Peer shows just how much it should factor into your considerations by showcasing your potential partner's technologies side-by-side with your own. It's also a fast way to identify partners that add to your current technology stack. Do you both offer mobile banking? Are you on the same core platform? These are the type of questions you can answer.