Strategy Lab
Focus On Strategic Issues...As A Team
An Innovative Way To Discuss Strategy

With the current pace of business increasing, it is hard for executives to pause from daily responsibilities and focus on strategic conversations. Immediate responsibilities take priority and work schedules fill up quickly. While you and your team get caught up in day-to-day tasks, the marketplace changes and evolves around you. This is precisely why taking time to discuss strategy is more important than ever.

Stop. Think. Strategize.

Enter Strategy Lab, a program designed specifically to help leadership teams take a step back and focus on issues of strategic importance. What forces are changing the credit union marketplace and how will these affect your business in the future? Callahan’s Strategy Lab takes this conversation and sets it within the four walls of your organization. You pick the topics important to your credit union based on your long-term goals and unique member environment. Callahan will bring the context and expertise needed to get your team thinking, talking, and acting strategically…as a team.

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Explore Our Expertly Designed Strategy Tracks

Callahan & Associates offers four uniquely designed tracks around growth, innovation, disruption, and being member-centric. Or you can design your own track based your credit union’s strategic goals. View our tracks below and request more information on how Callahan & Associates can help jump-start your credit union’s strategy-driven conversations.
All of our Strategy Lab Sessions include:

     trendwatch-triangle-bullet-point.png Half-day onsite executive workshops facilitated by an experienced Callahan & Associates consultant.
     trendwatch-triangle-bullet-point.png Pre-call between you and your Callahan facilitator to tailor the topic to your credit union’s business priorities and internal needs.
     trendwatch-triangle-bullet-point.png One strategic planning session with your credit union executive team, using the Strategy Lab framework.*
     trendwatch-triangle-bullet-point.png Online portal of self-paced curated content to help guide the onsite discussions.*

*Offered only in Strategy Lab Premium: Emergent.
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