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The Data Credit Unions Need To Make Better Strategic Decisions
Data-backed decisions are decisions you can make with confidence. Callahan analytics software takes data from an array of sources and packages it into easily navigable displays so you can find what you need fast. Build reports, benchmark against peers, chart historical trends, view market demographics, and more with increased efficiency you didn't think was possible.

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Easy Report Building
Don't spend any more time compiling and normalizing data from different sources. Callahan Analytics supplies data from the NCUA, FDIC, HMDA, U.S. Census, and more all in one place.
Displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphs, it takes only a few clicks to export what you see into various formats like email, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint to share data insights with key stakeholders.
Fast, Detailed Benchmarking
Your peer comparisons don't have to be limited to asset size. Filters let you pull in an array of criteria to quickly create targeted peer groups for a different perspective on your credit union's performance.
Organization-Wide Value
The depth of metrics in Callahan Analytics covers every functional area of your credit union -- from finance to HR. The educational component explains key metrics to users and provides credit-union specific analysis.
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