Webinar 1: Credit Card Market Overview

This first session of the 2018 Credit Card Management Series will will provide information on the state of the current credit card market with a particular emphasis on issues critical to those competing with the largest issuers. This session will provide baseline information to inform the rest of the 2018 sessions. Participants will learn:
  • Market growth trends
  • National credit card issuer credit risk levels
  • Key revenue and profitability performance over time
  • Value propositions and the evolution of segments
  • Suggested priorities for 2018

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2018 Credit Card Management Series

Credit Card Management Series (CCMS) is a webinar collaboration between Callahan & Associates and TRK Advisors, LLC. In 2018 we will host three events that will inform and teach you about the current state of the credit card marketplace, planning and streamlining the annual budget process, and how to stay relevant in an overly saturated credit card marketplace and prepare for 2019. Register below to participate in the webinar series.
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2018 CCMS Events Schedule
Webinar 2: How To Calculate Program Profitability And Use It!

When properly managed, the annual budget process is more than an exercise that flows down to the card manager. A properly designed planning process enables supervisors to manage the business on a tactical level and keep all constituencies aligned with the trade-offs between resources and outcomes.  In this session, participants will walk away with:
  • A workflow plan for translating all portfolio information into a line-item forecast
  • Methods to build out volume trend volumes based on specific marketing approaches
  • Translation of the above into line-item income and expense forecasts to support building a full business line view
  • Delivery approaches to keep management, staff, and member expectations aligned
Webinar 3: Looking Ahead To 2019. What's Next? 

The past five years have been a period of relative stability and safety for card issuers, but it still has not been simple or easy for those competing with the large bank issuers. Now, increasing credit risk means the ability of credit unions to remain both successful and prudent is becoming even more challenging. Session 3 topics will include:
  • An update on market trends and risk levels
  • The risk and profitability trade-offs to a successful credit card program
  • Marketplace changes required to ensure relevancy for products
  • Ongoing management and tactics required to manage and promote credit card programs
  • A task list that credit union card issuers must complete before 2019
April 12 | 2:00 PM ET
September 14 | 2:00 PM ET
December 6 | 2:00 PM ET