Sustainable Business Strategy
with Rebecca Henderson
Learn Why Your Credit Union Needs To Lead With Purpose

Sustainable Business Strategy with Rebecca Henderson is a transformational course offered in collaboration with Harvard Business School Online, Harvard Business School’s innovative online learning initiative. CEOs, C-suite executives and senior leadership teams will walk away from Sustainable Business Strategy with the ability to explore and debate:

  • Business models that can drive change
  • Tactics that influence management, leadership, and other key stakeholders as to competitive advantages of being a purpose-driven firm.
  • The broader political and social landscape in which you operate.
  • Why collective efforts are important and how business can be a catalyst for system-level change.
  • What YOU can do to become, as well as develop, purpose-driven leaders.

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This Callahan Academy is offered in collaboration with Harvard Business School Online. This is a three-module, high-impact course incorporates short video lectures, case studies modeled after the Harvard Business School case method, and active learning experiences.

The modules are completed over six weeks and encompass both individual and team-based learning activities and your learning is concluded with an in-person capstone event in Cambridge, MA. 
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