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This subscription is enterprise-wide and gives you access to Callahan’s full suite of products designed for credit union leaders. That includes our suite of data analytics tools for peer and market analysis, access to content and data on, live webinars and archived events, the ability to upload and download documents to our Policy Exchange, four Callahan Roundtable seats annually, 20 hours of analyst time for custom data projects, and advanced onboarding for you and your team. This level of access to Callahan is our most comprehensive offering for credit unions.

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Callahan’s rich history in the credit union industry makes us the right fit for your credit union.

Our suite of products and services are designed to help credit unions make data-backed decisions, implement proven best practices, and grow their professional network of like-minded industry executives while keeping the member top-of-mind.

Whether your current strategies include member experience initiatives, merger strategies, digital transformations, or building your business and data intelligence teams – Callahan can help.

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